What do you need for remote unlock:

1. A Windows computer (pc or laptop) with an internet connection. For some unlock operation internet speed (download & upload) might be important, so you may run a test here and give us result before we start  >>Speed Test<<

2. USB cable for your model, make sure is genuine and fully working, connect it to a main USB port to your computer

How to unlock network Samsung Galaxy Note 3 AT&T USA Android 4.4.2 & 5.0 :

Unlock remote online by cable is a quick solution, it requires internet connection and some computer knowledge to install and use. This model doesn’t require root for unlock network, will not void knox warranty. This service is paid, payment via paypal or skrill. Backup your data before flashing firmware. Contact us before starting this procedure:

1. Go to Settings -> About device -> Sofware info and check what Android version you have in phone.



This network unlock works only on Android 5.0 N900AUCUEOC1 (all Android 4.4.2 version are supported), if you are on a newer version you can downgrade your firmware to be able to unlock without root, and after unlock you can upgrade back, your phone will be permanent unlocked. In some cases phone might hang on AT&T logo after downgrade, no need to worry about, just put phone in recovery mode and wipe cache, then wipe data/factory reset and reboot your phone. DOWNGRADE ON YOUR OWN RISK

Links for supported for unlock firmware:

N900A 4.4.2  N900A_N900AUCUCNC2_ATT_USA

N900A 5.0   N900A_N900AUCUEOC1_ATT_USA

(Download Odin from HERE, tutorial How to flash firmware with Odin)

2. Open dial and tap *#0808#, then enable DM+Modem+ADB, press OK

n910t dial

3. If you are on Android 5.0 N900AUCUEOC1 you will have to enable also “cp logging” from recovery mode:


4. Install USB drivers on your computer from HERE
5. Install necessary software on your PC following tutorial from HERE , you will be asked to run a small USB remote program on your windows PC and a VPN software so our tech can unlock your phone.
After payment is received we will perform required operation

Video example: How To Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 3

6. After unlock is done, you can update OTA to latest firmware if you want, phone will be permanent unlocked.