Step-by-step instructions are provided to make it as easy as possible. Only most common models listed, if you have different model contact for details.

How to perform remote unlock :

 Contact us using any form listed in Contact Section to check if your model is supported and cost for your operation.
 Install necessary software on your PC following this tutorial

  Video examples for unlock remote:

How to remove FRP Lock LG G4 G5 V10 G Flex2 Nexus 5X Stylus 2 G Vista X Style

LG models supported for remote direct unlock/read codes price: 10-15$

Remove FRP Lock price: 10-20$

G4 Beat LTE, LG G4s, LG G4 series, LG Band Play LTE, LG Flex2, LG Magna,  LG Tribute 2, Wine Smart, LG Nexus 5x, LG Zero, Ice Cream Smart, G4 Stylus, G Flex 2, F60, LG G Pad, LG V10,  LG G2, LG G3, LG Zero, K10, LG Max and for LG K7, LG KA10 and for LG Ray,  LG K4,  LG Zone, LG Prime II, LG K350, LG G5, LG Stylus 2, LG X Screen, LG Phoenix 2, LG G3 Stylus, LG X Style, LG X Power,  LG Leon, LG Tribute 5, LG Disney Mobile, LG Optimus, LG Wine Smart, LG Stylo 2, LG K7, LG Zone, LG Ray, LG Bello, X Style, LG G4 Stylus 3G, LG X Series X Screen 4G LTE, LG Stylus 2 Plus, LG X Series X Cam Dual SIM TD-LTE, LG K5, LG X Fast, LG X Style, X Power, G Pad III 8.0, LG G Pad 7.0 LTE, V20 Dual SIM, V20


T-Mobile USA models require root for unlock, price is 35$ for next models:

H345, MS345, H631, MS631,H811, H811VK, K330, MS330, K428, MS428, K550, K550BN, K550BNGO1, MS550, M210, MS210, MP260, TP260, MP450, TP450, X210MA, H901, H918, H932, H932U, H830, H872