How to set up computer for remote unlock network, reset FRP or Reactivation Lock

How to set up  computer for remote unlock network, reset FRP / Reactivation Lock:

Download and install LogMeIn Hamachi from here: Hamachi Setup or Teamviewer 12 from here: Teamviewer 12 for Windows  . One of this programs is needed to create VPN (virtual private network) between 2 computers, the client and the remote server. You can choose to install which one you like from these two (teamviewer or hamachi), no need to install both of them. Usually Hamachi works better


LogMeIn Hamachi installation instructions:

Run the setup, click next, agree terms of services, after installation is done launch program

LogMeIn Hamachi program will appear, please click power on button to get VPN Service started. A window will pop up asking you to log in or sign up an account, create an account using email address and  password of your choice. After you log in or sign up click on “Join an existing network”, here you will type Network ID and password that I will provide.


Teamviewer 12 installation instructions:

IMPORTANT: When install wizard starts select basic and personal use, check box “show advanced options”, click accept-next, then check box “Use Teamviewer VPN“, this step enables virtual private network so USB Redirector will be able to share phone connected to computer over internet


Download and install USB Redirector here: USB Redirector Trial 32 bit

USB Redirector Trial 64 bit

Install 32-bit or 64-bit version of USB Redirector, according to your computer Operating System. Make sure you select options marked with red in next images. USB Redirector is needed to share phone over internet.


Video tutorial for Teamviewer 12 and USB Redirector:  How to set up your computer using Teamviewer for remotely operations

Video tutorial for Hamachi and USB Redirector:  How to set up your computer using Hamachi for remotely operations

Drivers for Samsung Phones download HERE

Drivers for LG Models:






LG Android ADB Driver

LG MTK-based Driver

Drivers for other Mediatek devices( Alcatel, ZTE, Allview, etc)  HERE